Friday, 27 July 2012

The Bus That Got Bombed

Well, RIGHT NOW we might be rolling around on the bed or going to Godknowswhere or meeting up with some friends. But, my, oh my have I been loving summer lately! Especially since Firu's here. We've been having sweet times at home or going out on adventures. Most recently, we've gone to Dresden. Last semester I've visited this town on a field trip with my college. Once we entered the town, I just simply fell in love. Right then and there I've determined to visit again with Firu. All the girls who I know and have been there have agreed that this is the place to go on dates with your beloved. So here we go.

While Berlin offers possibilities, Dresden offers authenticity. Before we went here last semester, my history teacher told us that Dresden is divided into Neustadt (=new city) and Altstadt (=old city). Neustadt contains the modern and urban part of the town whilst Altstadt contains the more antique and preserved part of it. We departed from Halle at 1.11 PM because Dresden is located closer to Halle than Berlin is -- although only by a few minutes by train. We arrived there pushing close to 4.30 PM and hopped on a tram because we didn't know how to get to anywhere from the train station. We snatched a map of the city and tram line and figured out how to get downtown. The first sight we saw was the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) and from there we just went ahead, tracing the steps I took before. A little something about the Frauenkirche: it was once blown up into smithereens by the Americans in the second World War and was rebuilt afterwards. You can see the original bricks on the picture above -- the black ones.

Dresden's authenticity just about melts my heart. I love the horse carriages that go through the whole town or how the mailboxes all around town look like -- very victorian! Aside from that, we spotted a Trabant car roaming the streets, like a boss. It seems like a personal possession. And here I thought it's been extinct! That wall Firu's staring at is the back wall alongside the royal stable yard in the age of the Saxony Kingdom. The mural depicts the pictures of the Saxon kings and dukes. If you're interested in knowing more, you can also visit the Green Vault at the Royal Palace. My favourite spot of the baroque town is Zwinger (=kennels) which is the royal yard where the kings, queens and aristocrats of the old celebrated anything. It truly is such a beautiful backyard, so to speak. What it means to be king, indeed. 

Visya's wearing: Top// Tally Weijl (fleamarket); Skirt// H&M; Jacket// AKO; Tights// H&M; Shoes// Converse | Firu's wearing: T-shirt// C&A; Jeans// Nevada; Shoes// Asics; Bag// Aquip (freebie)

Firu's warmed up to the idea of me actually blogging. It's not like I've never blogged before. It was just a different kind of blogging. He's taken so many pictures for this post and doesn't resist being taken picture of anymore. This man of mine, really. What am I supposed to say about this outfit? It's all the pieces you've seen before. This day was piping hot but somehow I'm wearing a jacket and tights. I can see why people stared at me all day -- aside from my quirky sense of style. But, somehow, I didn't sweat at all. This jacket is so special to me. And to be wearing it alongside my sweetheart again is just so nostalgic, somehow. All that was missing is the motorcycle -- and, of course, the helmet. Firu's tee is yet another one that we bought together. I think he looked somewhat nautical and very handsome. Wouldn't you agree?

We were just hanging around on of the fountains at Zwinger, playing with the SLR, when this man came by and offered to take our picture together. Oh, wow! What a chance in a lifetime. We thanked him right away and handed him the camera. While he was taking the picture, he kept telling Firu to "laugh a little bit." Firu, who hasn't heard English in so long -- can you blame him since we live in Germany? -- just kept smiling in his casual, strained way. Apparently, this man also thought that Firu's smile becomes unnatural once he faces a camera. Oh, but why? When his carefree smile is just sparklingly beautiful. Afterwards, we thanked him again and said goodbye. Firu thanked him in German but he didn't seem to get it. I don't think he was from around here.

Afterwards, we just got lost on where to go. We decided to just roam the places we have yet to see. One of which was the Public School of Fine Arts Dresden. It was huge! And, by far, the most promising-looking art school in Germany I've seen yet. Maybe I should've applied here but what's passed has passed. Firu wanted to see the bus that got bombed -- which left a whole in the middle of it -- but we couldn't find it. I've seen it so I'm not heartbroken. But poor Firu. In the end, we just strolled around the city until, somehow, we got to the main train station. We broke fast in Leipzig this time because it was beyond impossible to do so in Dresden, what with the train schedule and all. We got little energy left with us when we reached home this time, thank God. I love going on trips with Firu -- despite his reluctance to go in the first place. How was your Monday? Cheerio!

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