Thursday, 5 July 2012

19 Candles for フィル

It's July 5th! Which means...


My boy is finally 19! Is he really that young? He's so mature you can barely tell. He's not big on birthdays, especially his own and always want to keep it under the radar. But no! I care about you, sweets, and if it's a reminder of God bringing you to life so that I get to meet you, I will rejoice and announce it to the world. For everyone who knows him in real life and happens to read this blog, go and wish him a happy birthday. Such a shame we can't be together in such a merry day. I just hope you won't be alone in such a day. Last year I brought you a cake at 6 in the morning before we had to go to work, if only this year we could be so lucky. But so long as you're happy, I would be too. I pray that all your business should be smooth. Have a lovely day, my sweet!

Now, now about the birthday boy that got me all swooning. Muhammad Firdaus is his name, most likely to be called Daus but I call him Firu. The third kid from a family of 5 siblings. He has two sisters and two brothers. Since his big brother and sister don't live with their parents anymore, he's the oldest child of the lot and takes care of his family well enough. A doting child and dependable brother. Well-mannered is one of his best qualities. He knows how to put himself in social situations -- which helps me a lot since I haven't got a clue. That's him in front of other people but in front of me, he becomes unbearably nuts. A game freak and comic book maniac. In love with technologies and the latest game consoles. He prefers to stay at home rather than go outside and soak in the sun -- my exact opposite. He snores in his sleep, a sweet lullaby to me. He wants to learn nanotechnology in Graduate School later on and has finished college. Not at all artistic but always knows what I want or need and understand my passion. My best friend, the best man.

It was not until two years ago did I really know Firu. We actually met in October 2009 but I never gave us chance to get to know each other. And it wasn't until July 17th did we become a couple. But that is another story. Up until this point, Firu has been a loyal boyfriend and a tremendous best friend. He has listened to all that I had to say and has trusted me with his stories. We have loved and cherished each other the best way we know how. He might not be the smartest guy or the strongest guy or the gentlest of man in the world but, to me, he is. I wish you heaps of happiness for the years to come and may you share that happiness with me. Have a lovely birthday, my sweet! You deserve it. Cheerio!

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