Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Once Upon A Time...

...there was a guy and there was a girl. They were both in high school and didn't know each other. One day they saw a seminar that changed their lives forever, little did they know. The seminar was of a management that would help them study in Germany. The guy (Firdaus) was the first one ever in that city to apply for this management. Months later the girl (Bivi a.k.a. me) did the same thing. After Iedul Fitri 2009 (around October), she actually joined the class which Firdaus was in as well. She formally got introduced to the members of the class, including him. Around that time she still had feelings for another guy, kept in touch with him and the connection between Bivi and Firdaus was lost.

They went to their german class regularly after school since then on. Bivi was a lazy bum though, so she skipped a lot of classes back then. They were supposed to keep doing this until the green light was given that they could finally apply for passports, which meant they would be leaving the country soon. Now, a few days before this passport-applying day, they had their so-called 'final test.' After the test, Bivi didn't feel so good, kind of feverish, she thought, but what turned out to be some kind of weird virus with red spots appearing on her skin and everything. The next day, while she went to the doctor, Firdaus went to class and received news that they would all be going to apply for passports the following week. The next week, they all went to apply for passports, except for Bivi. Firdaus was only 16 back then -- one last year being a minor in Indonesia -- and apparently he needed some parental permits of some sort to apply for passports so he had to go back the next day for the exact same process he went through that day. Oh, Fate and they way it works!

On the third day, Bivi was already healthy enough to go out -- although it wasn't such a weakening sickness, it was kind of a fun although highly contagious virus -- and Firdaus needed to go back and wait in line all over again to hand in his documents. How perfect it was too that, other than those two, the others had gone through this process...so they were left alone. Luckily they have some things in common -- at the time, they didn't know that some turned out to be MANY -- so they just chatted and chatted and didn't even realise that they had been waiting forever. Secretly, they have both thought of that moment as their starting point.

Okay, don't judge me. But back then Bivi had her own personal driver -- well, not exactly, but I needed him more than any other member of my family -- and around a week after the passport-making, he quit his job. He was like a best friend to her since they spent way too much time together, being stuck in traffic jam and all. Anyway, he used to be the one to take her from and to her german classes. Now that he had quit, she was somewhat lost on transportation system. In the morning, her dad could drop her off before work, but she didn't know how to get home. Her friend, Farida, suggested hitching a ride with their friend, Aqbas. Oh, that worked out real nice...for like a day! The next day Aqbas didn't show up and Bivi was turning her brain over on who to hitch a ride with, to which Farida suggested Firdaus. Back then, by his words and his gestures, Bivi suspected that he had feelings for her -- which she waved off quickly because..please. In the end, Firdaus ended up taking her all the way home -- she was going to hitch a ride until the nearest bus stop -- after knowing that his way home passed by her house.

After that ride, Bivi texted Firdaus and they chatted all night. It became a routine of theirs for two weeks. During these two weeks, Bivi had become closer to Firdaus than any other members of the class. One day she confirmed that Firdaus, indeed, had kept feelings for her. It somewhat caught her off guard because this almost never happened to her before. She has told him all her flaws and still he wanted her. Oh, damn, even typing it makes me blush. It was bored in her mind that this is a chance of a lifetime. When else was she going to find someone who loved her even after knowing who she really was? She found herself thinking more and more of him. Then, one day, on 17 July 2010, they chatted online...and she asked him out, Well, not like a question...more like a friendly invitation. "Let's!"

Two years have passed and a lot has happened. They have met each others' parents. They have FINALLY flown to Germany and started a brand new life there. They have lived together for about 7 months in Karlsruhe -- all of which have been much beloved by me. They have worked together in a foreign city for a whole of a month. They have taken trips together. They have dipped their feet on the pool that is long distance relationship -- although it was still the same time zone -- since she moved to Halle. And a longer distance relationship for a whole of two months when Firdaus went back to Indonesia. Sure, we're not married yet. Sure, we're still kids. But we will pursue our dreams side by side. I was once told that true love doesn't mean keeping our eyes on each other. Instead, we keep our eyes on the same goal. A little tips for young lovers out there.

I don't want to be cliché about this but I've learnt a lot from our relationship. Back before having this relationship, I used to be a girl who thought being in a relationship is gooey. With the kissing-kissing and the 'I wovey dovey wove you' and the 'I miss you already' and the...oh, all those goeey stuff. Sure, now I probably do that too in my private time -- not in front of people because I still think it's gooey -- but a relationship, it turns out, can be whatever we want. Did i forget to mention? This is the very first  relationship I have ever had -- and it's also Firu's first. It has been really magical and made us grow. Here's to another lifetime of happiness. Cheerio!

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