Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fashion Mixology: 6 Outfits from 6 Pieces

 Hello, everyone! Most of you might be familiar with Elsie and Emma's Fashion Mixology. I am a huge fan of this column since it's given me insights of so many ways to create new looks. This isn't a petty attempt to steal their idea and post it as my own -- as you can see, I'm not. You see, yesterday, as I was packing for my flight back home, I decided to set aside six outfits to wear before I have to go. For practicality's sake, these six outfits should come from remixable clothing items. All of a sudden, I had six outfits from six clothing pieces -- setting shoes and accessories aside, of course. So I decided to make a post out of it. Needless to say, this makes up for all the outfit posts for the coming week.

 Bold coloured pants are my newest obsession yet. It gives an otherwise dull look a playful edge. But if it's only colour on colour, things can look pretty boring pretty fast too. So pairing it up with a subtle printed top is a way to go. Of course, since the pants are already bold, it would be better to pair them with a neutral coloured top.

Sometimes having a pretty "crowded" bottom clothing item makes you wreck your brain for a way to wear it. Here's one way. Try pairing it with a neutral top so as not to crowd in on the skirt's glory. Let the skirt pop and have its spotlight so your look won't look too 'heavy.'

One of the many great things about denim is that it has textures that make it unlike any other material -- less plain -- and yet it doesn't have any patterns/prints on it -- normally, anyway -- which makes it highly versatile for any kind of clothing piece. I also love how denim can give a tomboyish edge to a feminine outfit. Try mixing denim with printed or patterned skirts that you have and see how they look together. My favourite blue polkadot skirt and this denim coat, at least, get along.

Even though I may not be allowed to choose favourites, this is mine. It has all that summery look that gives out the sweet and innocent feel. I would recommend this as a date outfit. And when it gets kind of chilly at night, just throw on a jacket or cardigan. From afar, this looks like a 'polkadot on polkadot' case when, in fact, the top is printed with little triangles -- like candy corn. Originally, the top is see-through so for the modest girls out there, I would suggest putting a tank underneath. Don't worry, it's not all that visible through the top.

For this look, incidentally, I chose blue. It's so easy because denim is blue and it matches pretty much everything. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with putting on one colour from head to toe so long as you remember to shade it well. The key is to keep hints of neutral items in between. I chose the white prints on the skirt and the black tights to keep it from looking spilled with blue paint all over. A little tip: try to vary from the light, the pale and the dark.

Feeling like going to the beach or the park or row a boat? Here's the outfit for you! The theme here is loose. Keep it all loose and not at all serious or tense. I would recommend putting on light coloured shirts over the tank -- which should probably be bold coloured. Patterned tanks would be a plus as well. Don't forget to bring a hat! It's going to be piping hot out there. Have fun! Cheerio!

P.S: Half these photos were taken by Firu, can you guess which ones?

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