Monday, 30 July 2012

Hot Air Balloons of Disappointment + Traban Madness

Earlier today, Firu and I went on a little trip to Leipzig to attend the 18th Saxonia International Balloon Festival. We were highly disappointed. Since it's still Ramadhan, we were still fasting so obviously we couldn't eat nor drink. All we wanted to do there -- well, all I wanted to do -- was see the hot air balloons that they somewhat promised. They never came. It was the last day so probably things didn't go as exciting as the days before but still...we were disappointed. We managed to snap a few shots and saw that this place was clearly for children what with the bouncing castle and trampoline and all. I would've gotten on the trampoline as well had I not been fasting. Aside from that, the highlight of the day was when we spotted this truck selling stuff from the East Germany period. I walked away from it, purchasing this miniature Traban for my brother. I kind of love it!

There was a ferris wheel and other rides as well but we didn't get on any of them. There was a whole lot of amount of food but too bad we couldn't eat. There were Langos as well! Oh, so drooling for them right now. On a brighter note, have you noticed that Firu was wearing the exact match to this graphic tee of mine? Yes, I bought them as a pair for the two of us. Firu said, guys hate things like that but, if we're not wearing them at the same time, it's okay. I love this tee on him! Finally, an interesting tee for my interesting man.

Afterwards, we watched this dog show from German Military Leipzig Division on how they trained their dog and all. It was kind of interesting because one doesn't see a military officer that often. Aside from that, on their last piece, the sergeant put on a fluffy outfit and let the dog bark at and bite him. At the first try, the dog tackled him good. Then, at the last one, he let go of his jacket and the dog looked pretty happy, walking away with it. We were pretty bored afterwards and went to get in the shade and wait for the balloons. There was this old Traban police car from the East Germany period. If it were for sale, we were sure to purchase it -- despite the fact that neither of us owns a driving license.

Have you noticed that I was wearing look number four from this Fashion Mixology? Technically, this is a date and, even though it turned out to be quite bad, I thought it was going to be one heck of a special day. Too bad, I didn't get to see the hot air balloons at all. I was quite severely heartbroken on the way home. So here are a few pictures of hot air balloons I mooched off the internet to mend my broken heart. They are quite beautiful and inspiring. Firu says, there are a lot of such events in Indonesia. I hope I can see them in the near future. In the meantime, enjoy! Cheerio!

Photos: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5  

P.S: I purchased the last one a while ago out of excitement. My love for hot air balloons will go on.

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