Friday, 2 May 2014

Sartorial Obsession: Denim Jacket

Rosalinda // Elizabeth

Summer is coming closer and a good denim jacket seems like such a must. I've been spotting them everywhere in thrift stores and retail branches. Also, a lot of people seem to be wearing them simultaneously. But I guess it's the lusting syndrome. You know, like when you want a baby and you can't unsee all the babies? It's kind of like that, except that purchasing a denim jacket is probably less painful than giving birth. The best part of this sartorial gem is the fact that almost no two pieces are the same and there are millions of shades and tons of styles to choose from. Also, given that what you own is authentic denim, the colour will change in time with each wash. Of course, this could backfire on you and you might not like how it looks later on because the colour has changed. But it adds a predictable element to the number. I guess, that's probably why denim has been the wear of cool kids for generations.

Tieka // Louise // Zuz // Triple Thread

I've actually acquired one myself as of recently. Thank God it's such a thriftable piece. Otherwise, I should never be able to obtain one. Obviously, I will be sharing an outfit with it soon. Maybe even sooner than you think. It's actual one size too big for me but it fits like a glove. Well, maybe a little more comfortable than a glove. It is so breezy and lightweight but definitely not too cold to wear on a spring day. With the weather changing before you can turn around, it is definitely helpful to keep one handy. The fact that it goes with everything most definitely helps. Mine is quickly becoming the star of my wardrobe. I'll be sure to wear them all the time this spring (and summer?) so please bear with me on this because I. am. OBSESSED!

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