Sunday, 4 May 2014

Easter Picnic

♪ Grouplove - Colours ♫

This year's Easter holiday seemed to fly by just. like. THAT! Firu came by to Kassel for a change. He surprised me as usual. Also, my friend's sister just moved into town and I've only started to get to know her. She hasn't been around much so we decided to take her to see Kassel's prized possession, the Herkules monument, which is located at the top of the mountain of our Bergpark. This marks my fifth time coming to this place and my third time hiking all the way there. We also packed up lunch and went on a picnic up there. It was so much fun! Sadly, the sun didn't always stay visible in the sky. While we were eating, a German gentleman walked by and greeted us in Indonesian. At first we weren't befuddled at all - some Germans tend to know certain phrases in Indonesian - but then he started talking fluently in our language and we were speechless. Not only that, he didn't seem to have a German accent and has mastered around 6 languages of our home country. None of us can even do that much! Apparently, he and his family lived there for 5 years and keep contact with Indonesians in Germany. But still! Five-years is pretty short time to be learning so many languages. Incredible! He was a pastor and gave sermons in Indonesian and other regional languages occasionally. It always brightens my days, meeting people like him.

N.y.L.a top // H&M denim shorts // thrifted denim jacket // Shakespeare & co. tote bag // All Star by Converse sneakers // photos of me by Firu

Finally some denim-on-denim action! As you've probably witnessed from my previous post, I've been lusting over a good denim jacket for a while now - and, yeah, it was written before Easter. It's such a highly thriftable piece, thankfully. But finding the perfect fit and shade is definitely hard work. I had to search high and low for this one. It was such a bargain (9€!) and I am so pleased. It has been my favourite piece in the wardrobe as of late. Also, I think it's rather nice to dress up in a more casual sense now and then. Thus, this denim-on-denim ensemble. Aside from that, do you guys realise what a mess my tights are? I realise that it's probably already a tights-free season but the fact that the weather can change in the blink of an eye still renders me doubtful. But these were the only pair of sheer black tights I own - I used to have a lot but threw them away because I only needed one. I'll buy new ones, I promise. Um, so, yeah, this is casual Bivi. You probably haven't seen a lot of this but it actually feels more like me than most of my other outfits. How do you like it?

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