Friday, 16 May 2014

Revelation from a Pair of Earrings

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So as you guys might know, I went to a Mädchenflohmarkt last weekend. It was super cool! A little bit of introduction for all of those who don't know. Mädchenflohmarkt literally translates to ladies' flea market. But it's actually not just restricted to girls, sometimes guys sell their stuff there too. It's just a flea market for clothes, shoes and accessories. In Kassel there are a group of students who hold a flea market twice a year.  Everyone at all can participate in putting their clothes up for grabs. Events like this is why I think Kassel is such a cool town! They always change their locations too - which is awesome - and this time they held it at Kessel Schmiede, an in- and outdoor skatepark. It definitely put an interesting twist to flea markets in general, having to slide up and down the ramps and putting your stuff diagonally on them. It was real awesome! The stuff were also great this time around and I went home with four items, most of which I'm wearing in this post.

H&M top + Mango lace jacket (both from the flea market) // Juliekäfer earrings  // thrifted polkadot skirt // Deichmann wedges

First things first, let's get the obvious out of the way: this top is mega cute and this jacket is awfully rad! I saw them as a combo on the hanger and thought it a rather good ensemble. Now, let's move on to the more important matter: the earrings. (I must warn you, this might get a little emotional.) Ever since my birth, my mom somewhat forced me to wear earrings. She pierced my ears before I could even remember and had shoved various earrings into my ears. I hated them. I wanted to take them off forever but she said I would regret it, that one day I would want to wear them again and the holes would've closed up. So I didn't...until one day I conjured up enough balls to just take them off in front of her and lay them down, never putting them through my earlobes anymore. She fumed but she knew there wasn't a thing in the world she could do to stop me. That was 7 years ago. It definitely feels weird to have things on my ears again after so long. Thank God the holes haven't closed up. Though I hated her for forcing me to wear earrings, I am grateful that she pierced my ears when I was very young. I never have to go through the pain.

As time goes by, my views of a lot of things have changed. Mostly, of girly things. I used to steer clear of them with a vengeance. Jewellery made my stomach churn. Even saying their names gave my mouth diarrhoea. Somewhere along the way, I realised that that was stupid. None of these things are wrong. If anything's wrong with them, it's not the items' fault. My impressions of them have changed and they will never be the same again. I know what you're thinking: what the hell are you rambling on about? What is this revelation from just a pair of earrings? But this change means a lot to me. It took courage and a lot of growing up to get where I am now, to wearing these beauties and not be ashamed of them. Maybe it seems like this is just about earrings, but it's also about being more open-minded and less prejudicial. The benefit of the doubt, you know.

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