Thursday, 8 May 2014

Eine Kleine

Yonezu Kenshi - アイネクライネ

If you follow my instagram, you might've seen this ensemble before. Well, this is what it actually looks like worn by yours truly. What do you think? Better on the bed, huh? Yeah, sorry to disappoint. The photo didn't take my height and bust into account so it definitely emanates a different style here. Anyhoo, I've been quite a good girl lately and haven't shopped in a while. The last item I bought was this denim jacket and that after taking a 3-month shopping hiatus. Now, I guess I'm not putting cuffs on my wallet anymore. Still, if I start adding new members into my wardrobe, I avoid retail like the plague. There's a Mädchenflohmarkt (flea market restricted to clothes) going on in three days so I'm very excited about that. Saku-chan and I are going to hit that place real good. I hope I'll score some adorable items for incredible prices! Things I'm currently looking out for are sandals. Something comfy and cute for the summer. Though showing off my horrible toes would probably be ill-advised.

Atmosphere blazer // Arithalia dress // Pimkie mini tulle skirt // vintage purse + hat // Tights from Ebay // ModCloth shoes (giveaway!)

Because of the said shopping hiatus, it is understandable that I have yet to manage to get my hands on some new items. That means you will be seeing loads more of my old stuff here. Do you guys think it's boring to wear the same stuff over and over again? I do try to remix them into a whole other outfits. But sometimes I cannot help but to wear two (or more) pieces together often. Like this skirt and those tights, for example. Or them tights with the shoes. Even if you say that you're bored, it probably wouldn't stop me from wearing them - or showing them off on the blog, but I definitely look into wearing different pieces in different styles. I get bored too! (Yes, now you know I easily get bored with even my own looks). But I think I own enough pieces to make endless rounds of pretty outfits - plus there are some numbers you have yet to see. But, uh, if you guys have any critiques, I wouldn't mind hearing about them. I'm totally open to criticism. Funny, nobody ever gives it to me.

P.S: The song I share is in Japanese though it has a German title! I love it when happy coincidences like that happen ♥

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