Wednesday, 28 May 2014

State of Idle

Lately, I've been feeling less inspired and less excited about life. Like my life lacks its flavours somehow. I've been less enticed by things, staying home all day, losing appetite and wearing the same thing for over a week. (In case you missed the second-to-last post, I'm moving out of my apartment.) Right now my life is in a state of idle, like waiting in the doctor's office for your turn. You just end up stalling, searching for a way to kill time until your name is called. That's what this past week has felt like for me. The only thing keeping me busy these days is just selling my clothes and other things. Most of the items are already gone. Aside from that, this all feels surreal for me. It's like waking up from a dream, which I'm not sure if it's a sweet dream or a nightmare. But it was like I was jerked to wake and I can't help but to feel rather taken aback by what just happened. The weirdest part is I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about this. On the one hand, I'm very happy I can finally move on and make a significant change in my life. I was unhappy for months and I almost wouldn't accept that. On the other hand, I'm also terribly pained to say goodbye to all the things I knew and love. Because sometimes you can't let go of the horrible things without saying goodbye to all the little incredible moments.

DIY Floral Hairband // Motel shirt dress (worn as a top) via WishWishWish // Only skirt // Studio Nine loafers // gifted weaved bag

Despite my illusion of putting a massive amount of my clothes for sale, it actually barely makes a dent in my wardrobe. It's crazy, right?! How can someone own a gazillion amount of clothes and not realise that they do? Never thought it would happen to me but it's happening. This makes packing a whole lot more complicated. To nobody's surprise, my dress collection was hardly touched when I was picking out clothes I wanted to sell. This breezy plaid number was no exception. Even though I've never worn it as a shirt dress on its own (for reasons you can find out here), I still adore its structure and see a whole lot of potential in it. This outfit somehow speaks summer to me, especially with the floral hairband. I've been trying to find time to sneak it into my outfit and the other day I just went for it (though the weather wasn't 100% perfect for this kind of floral crown). I know it's not a crown - and a lot of people like to correct me on that - but calling it a floral crown is certainly easier and faster than calling it a floral hairband, which sounds less glamorous anyway. As opposed to my last summer child look, this time I just look like a battered spirit of the forest.

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