Saturday, 24 May 2014

MAJOR Closet Clean Up

A lot of things have happened in the past week. It's almost unbelievable it's only been a week. But because of this and that, I am moving out of my current house. Since I find it to be rather troublesome to bring all of my belongings, I am selling loads and loads of stuff, especially my clothes. It's rather befuddling that some of them are already reserved/sold. So grab what's left while they're still around. Also, this is most likely the last time I'm selling my clothes internationally. Here are some of the items still up for grabs. Just click on each photo to see the details and prices.

These are not yet all of the items still available in the store. You can just go ahead and check out my store to see some more adorable pieces. This post will be updated to mark other items that have been sold.

Free shipping throughout Germany (if you would just click here)!
Indonesian buyers can reserve items and I'll bring them with me when I get home.
If you live nearby (in Indonesia), you may request a meet-up to save on shipping!
The store will close on June 21st! No order can be made afterwards!

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