Thursday, 22 May 2014

Symbolic Japanese Temple

Another Believer - Rufus Wainwright

Last weekend was Japantag! Firu and I went there again because, obviously. The weather was lovely, though, so it actually brought more people and we could hardly breathe in the sea of humans. We didn't stick around too long. After we made Japanese name cards at the Japan Foundation stand and I bought a small pouch for my yukata, we bailed the river bank. But we didn't leave the town just yet. We visited my new favourite bubble tea café, Sphere Bay, and went to check out the Japanese temple on the outskirts of town. It was so gorgeous! There was a zen garden, a huge bell to ring in the New Year, a small Buddha statue and holy water well. However, I think this temple garden is more symbolic than religious. It's probably more a place for the Japanese to feel at ease in than for a place to actually pray. Maybe they also celebrate New Year's here, ringing the bell and all. But I don't think they actually come here to pray to the gods. Much to our disappointment, there weren't any omikuji, omamori or ema being sold there. But it was a lovely place nonetheless. Not many people understood the zen concept and traipsed all over the grass, though. Such a shame.

thrifted denim jacket + purse // tailor-made batik dress // Converse sneakers // photos of me by Firu

Afterwards, we went to an Indonesian event to eat. I didn't take any pictures there for some reason. It wasn't all that interesting. We came late too so we probably already missed out on all the good food and fun performances. Firu and I stuck around until the end, though, because we didn't want to waste the 3€ entrance fee we already paid. The only reason we came at all, aside from our need for food. was to see some 'friends' who told us to come. In the end, we didn't see much of them after all and we ended up just leaning on the back wall, enduring the last few hours of the event. We kind of regretted not staying at the Japantag instead. It would've been packed with people so going back there was out of the question. I felt stupid being excited by actually wearing batik to the event. At the end of the day, we were exhausted and it definitely felt so good to be home. The next day, I fell sick and stayed a night longer. So I guess, it was all a blessing in disguise ♥

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