Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Indonesian Childhood Games Handbook

Lookie, lookie! Look what I made! As you guys might know - if you've read this post - I've been working on a series of projects since the beginning of this year. One of them being this beautiful "handbook." I say "handbook" because it's so thin, it looks more like a zine. But it has actual substance, actual contents, nothing poetic so I don't think it fits the criteria of a zine. This was my first book ever and my first experience working with InDesign and it was very lovely. With the help of my professor, who was ever so kind to be at the ready when I have questions, I could finally print this book at a local copy shop. Shout out to the kind lads and ladies at Gestochen Scharf! The quality of the printing is magnificent and I am very, very satisfied by the end result.

All the illustrations in this book was created by yours truly, including the front and back cover, the batik pattern and the illustrations of each game. The headline font was also created by me. It's not quite optimal yet as a font file but, if you're interested, I can perfect it and give it out for free. The batik pattern was made digitally, which is a thousand times easier than using actual ink on fabric. New-found respect for batik artists! The book includes six games, some I liked to play as a kid, some I'm not all that familiar with, including Lompat Karet, Benteng, Ular Naga, Petak Jongkok, Bekel and Congklak. The book isn't for sale right now but, if you're interested in purchasing, please do let me know. Ah, this has got to be what it feels like to create something new. Please leave comments down below and tell me what you think of it! I'd appreciate it ever so much ♥

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