Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pink Slipper Blossoms

As is the case with most people, the arrival of spring inspires me greatly. It's like seeing the sun after a long and cold night, like a ray of hope after a prolonged period of despair. Spring (and summer) makes me want to step outside of the house and roll around in the grass, smell all the flowers and forget all the tasks at hand. Thus, I went on a little getaway to Firu's for one and a half week last month, embracing all the procrastinating I can have before I seriously have to get on with things. I gotta tell ya, though, life is far more enjoyable and beautiful when you have your loved ones within arms length. It definitely helps if they have a stocked kitchen, a spacious room, tons of video games and a backyard blooming with blossoms. We spent most of the days occupied by our own games - and my latest read, in my case - and cooking. Yum! People say LDR sucks. Well, they're right, but it sure helps keep things fresh between us. Highly recommended for bored couples.

Lustre dress via TK Maxx // C&A cardigan // Flattery hairbow // heart tights from Ebay // ModCloth shoes (giveaway!) // photos by my beloved

I don't know what your version of a very spring outfit is but this one sure is mine. First of all, there's the pink pastel, the essence of cherry blossoms which symbolises the beginning of the season. Actually, pink seems to subtly dominate this whole outfit. Then there are the other pastel/softer colours, adorning the whole look. Let's not forget the florals on the dress - probably the only floral dress I own - and the hairbow. But let's not waste time with anything other than these shoes. First item from ModCloth! I won them in a giveaway over on Selective Potential earlier this year. It was one of two wins, just a few days into the year too! They have got to be the prettiest pair I've ever laid eyes on. I've been lusting over transparent or cut-out shoes for some time now so this was such a delightful treat. They're mega comfortable too! Looks and personality, that's a jackpot right there.

P.S: Just want to let you know that my closet is still open for business here

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