Sunday, 20 April 2014

Fernweh ≈ Wanderlust pt. III

Though I wasn't thinking about it when I first wrote this list, now I want to make it my mission to list the places I have visited (here's the second batch). As I probably have mentioned many times before, traveling is one of the reasons I decided to study out here anyway, one of the reasons why my dad was up for it. In fact, my dream is to have friends in different parts of the world. Who knows? Maybe someday I'd need a place to crash when I'm visiting their country. For now, though, I am quite content with having friends all over the country and crash at their place whenever the need strikes me.

Bonn, Germany (March, 2013)
Wuppertal, Germany (March, 2013)
Compared to the previous years, last year we ventured less to new places and tended to go back to places we've been to before, such as Karlsruhe and Düsseldorf (though I've never lived there, the Japanese majority keeps luring me in). There were other cities we kept coming back to out of necessity, which are normally located around Firu's current hometown. He has the NRW semester ticket now, which means he could go to any town/city in North-Rhine Westphalia at any given time. During certain hours, he could also take me with him...but only so far. Despite that fact, I could still hang out in a lot of new places and see some old friends, like the time I saw Lucy Rose in concert and crashed over at Cindy's place or when I meet some new friends on Firu's birthday. Those are the best moments.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany (April, 2013)
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany (May, 2013)
Oberhausen, Germany (July 2013)
Since I refrained from splurging on traveling last year, discovering new places got harder. For the most part, I happen upon these new places by chance and/or necessity. Like the time I had to accompany an acquaintance to the airport or when Firu had some errands to run. It's so strange since these places have always been just right there, I could probably have explored them sooner. But there's nothing like coincidental happenstance to get you moving, am I right? Earlier last year Firu moved to another town, though actually very close by to where he used to live. I get to explore this town more too, though, and it's kind of nice. Plus, he's got some amazing friends there. So there's more reason to stick around. Major changes have happened as well, like Firu's sister coming to Germany or a friend of ours going back home for good - which probably have nothing to do with traveling but still somehow changed our lives.

Aachen, Germany (July 2013)
Bochum, Germany (August 2013)
Esslingen, Germany (August 2013)
I've been here for so long that traveling has found a different meaning to me. It's not always about visiting the touristy landmarks but also about checking out the culture and places to hangout in or admiring the beauty of the town in its entirety. Upon traveling, I really prefer small towns with admirable architecture or a story worth telling to big cities with tons of places to shop in. I'd rather have loads of time in my hand for exploring the place I'm visiting than for going to stores for items I probably could get anywhere - except for traditional getup or subcultural goods (you know, like getting some mori girl getup in Japan). That being said, I haven't seen much of these places because I was too confused on what to see there.

Bielefeld, Germany (August 2013)
Fulda, Germany (March 2014)
Frankly, I don't foresee many traveling this year. My goals have totally changed since the first time I came out here. Now I'm just trying to survive - which I should have tried to do the minute I got here. It's time to be a grown up and earn my own living. I don't want to get to 25 years of age and never having worked a day of my life. Well, actually I've worked before but not on a daily basis. Right now the future is kind of blurry to me. There are more things other than traveling on my mind and more aspects to be worried about. I've been to more places than I could ever dream of - though I have yet to be in places I've always wanted to go to - and that is enough to satisfy me for the time being. But, of course, I want to discover more places. Fingers crossed for 2014! Let's hope it's not going to be the last you hear of my adventures!

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