Friday, 25 April 2014

Grey Amidst All the Colours

When I said I was going to take pictures with various kinds of flowers, I wasn't kidding. Searching blindly will get me nowhere so I looked up the botanical garden in Kassel. I'd never been here before, this was my first time and, though it might not be as beautiful as the ones I've seen before, it still houses some magnificent blossoms so I wasn't disappointed. Plus, the place is pretty secluded, not many people were there. Definitely the perfect location for some photo op. To go here, I had to take a bus I'd never even heard of before and it took me to places I'd never seen before. Despite already in my second year living in this town, it's so surreal how I have yet to see so many faces of it. Funny thing is, this garden is located near Saku-chan's house - probably 5 minutes on foot - and I never noticed it before! Man, I've got to explore more! On another note, the deadline to my project is in 5 days. I am shaking like crazy, super excited and scared and crossing my fingers. I will share something from it soon. Afterwards, I can finally move on to other projects. All these projects are making me all tingly and giddy. Super excited!

Executive grey blouse (for sale in my shop!) // Tally Weijl denim skirt //  11 Eureka tights // Thrifted vest + bag + oxfords

This post was mainly written to promote my shop. It's still got quite some lovely stuff in there and I really need to clean them out. This blouse is also part of the items for sale. Yes, I may seem a little desperate right now but I thought it might help if I show how you can style it - though it being a solid-coloured shirt shouldn't be hard to style. Also, it's never been worn on the blog before so what the heck. Though it's not clear in these pictures, the shirt is indeed grey, not white. It's pretty standard with bell sleeves, buttoned up at the cuffs. Personally, I think it's the perfect office wear - paired with blazers, for instance. But here I styled it completely different, more a casual and comfy style. I'm not gonna lie: at first I thought it would be a rather difficult task. But even for a more laid-back look, this blouse can also pull it off. What do you think? Please come visit my shop to see some other adorable wear. Come in, take a look around and maybe purchase a thing or two.

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