Thursday, 31 October 2013

There Are No Strings on Me

"Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright
It's our town, everybody scream
In this town of Halloween"

-This Is Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas OST

Do you feel that chill that comes with the spook of Halloween eve? I swear, it just ran right through me. I've only celebrated Halloween once and it was my sweet seventeen. There are plenty of parties out here on Halloween and my roommates asked me to go to one later tonight. Usually I just end up staying home, too afraid to watch horror movies by myself. Not to say I've never watched one, though. When it comes to spooky films, I always opted towards asian ones. Japan and Thailand have the scariest and most awesome scary movies I know. If you're looking for some real spook, I recommend checking out One Missed Call (Japanese version, all three movies) and Coming Soon. The previous, I've only watched the first and the last - the last being the scariest and most grotesque. The latter, I'm too much of a chicken to try and watch but from the narrative I should think it's pretty scary. My favourite scary movie is definitely The Eye 10. It's a mix of spook and hilarity that you just can't miss. Not much into ghosts? Another great watch that fits the Halloween theme is Stoker. Oh, man, that film is highly intriguing. Trust me, it'll turn out like you wouldn't believe.

The Executive blouse // Club L pinafore dress via ASOS // H&M tights // Accesorize hairband // Tracce ballet flats

This year I dressed up as a sort of marionette. Though not exactly a ghost, there's something spooky about a marionette (or am I playing too much Ragnarok Online?). This marionette, though, has got no strings attached to her - much like Pinocchio. This 'costume' is a re-styling of a costume from my sweet seventeen (which you can see below). Okay, I'm gonna level with you. I was actually planning on buying a ribbon to wrap around my hairband so my hair would look like it did four years ago. Not much changed, I think, except for the fact that I have cuter clothes now. I still drew on my face, arms and tights (technically, I borrowed my sister's back then). The shoes are both from Tracce - the one from four years ago broke a year later. I tried to make the whole appearance look spooky - I even put make up on. But I guess it looks less like a costume and more like an everyday attire. So there you go, comment below to tell me which costume is better. If you need a quick, spooky read, this just spooked me recently. Enjoy this spooky night and careful for what's behind you!

My sister and me at my Sweet Seventeen Halloween Birthday Bash

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