Saturday, 19 October 2013

Take a Peek Inside My Bedroom!

Finally I am ready to show you guys my new-and-improved room! My best friend, Gina, has been bugging me to show her my room for months now. For those of you who's followed me since the very beginning (roughly a year now), you might have seen my previous room tour. After that I have moved twice and this is the last room I have, the one I'm staying in now. It is, by far, the smallest room I've ever inhabited - you know, compared to my bedroom in Indonesia, in Karlsruhe and in Halle. Which makes it easier to arrange and decorate. By the way, the circle above is my room name plate which I made myself. So...uhh, yeah, enjoy the room tour!

Firstly, here are my wardrobe, desk and bed. The desk has been there since before I moved in and it's actually a dining table you can stretch/pull to the sides. It's usually messier than this and definitely filled with either papers or cables. I use the board in front of it to remind myself of things I need to do/buy and pin adorable postcards and photos. The posters on the wall: the art nouveau was bought from a flea market, the purple one was given to me by Wild Wood, the Lucy Rose was bought from her concert (and she signed it too!) and the big one was from the train station in Halle. My hat collection is hung on the side of the wardrobe. Beneath the desk are my collection of shoes and boots, stored in small commodes that aren't actually supposed to be used to store shoes. But, hey, on a tight budget, you roll with the punches.

Then there are my bookcase, couch and dress stand. A bookcase is an absolute essential for my bedroom. I mean, where else am I going to store all my books? Here you get to check a few of my recently read titles. And yes, I did actually read that Japanese manga. This couch was given to me by my roommate and it's the perfect couch for the ambience of my room, with my suitcase underneath to store my bag and purse collection. Then there are my dresses, which I attempted to colour code. That one sticking out in a plastic is my brand new yukata. Definitely can't wait to wear it next summer! Wee!

Finally, here's my dresser. This came with the room. But it wasn't enough for me to store my clothes. So I bought a wardrobe as well. The building process was a blood bath - mine and my friend Rezy's. We gave up and asked for help in the end. But that was memorable. In the mini commode are my stationery, such as my Copic collection, Stabilo marker collection and many other things, then on top of it are my palette and chalk. Next to it is my tote bag collection, ready to be used on various occasions. Next to the door there are my vintage teacher's bag and antique sewing kit from my roommate Dave. Are they super adorable or what? 

So there you go! That's my room, more or less. It's still missing a functional body-length mirror but otherwise, it's already pretty perfect and I love it. It's not as pretty as other bloggers' room, I daresay. Mostly because this is a rented space, I can't (and won't) change all that much. But it's already an incredibly comfortable space. It should do for the rest of my university life in Kassel. Thanks for reading and I'd love to see your rooms as well, especially if it's filled with good books!

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