Monday, 21 October 2013

Birthday Bits

Arithalia dress // vintage cape via lucedale vintage // thrifted tall boots via Kleider Kreisel // outfit photos by Galuh

Apparently, yesterday was my 21st birthday. Wow, twenty-first. That's huge. When I was little, I believed this is the age I was going to get married, mostly only because I thought twenty-one is the age people normally get married. But here I am, twenty-one and not even close to being ready to get married. I do feel much more mature than, say, when I was 17, though. That, finally, I've earned my years on this earth. In case you missed it, I posted a review of my birthday list last week and I'm working on my 21 before 22 list as we speak. On Saturday, we had a little get together at my place. By 'we', I mean Firu, Galuh, Saku-chan, Shasti, my good friend Rezy, my roommates and me. My old/new roommate Adit, Rezy and Firu cooked Nasi KuningAyam KuningPerkedel and Tempe Orek - all of which was delicious! - while I baked a Pumpkin Cake with Maple Frosting - which cost me a lot of blood. The frosting failed but it still tasted pretty good and I got to make something with pumpkin. It was great, getting together with some friends, having a little something like a tumpeng. At the end of the night, I got three presents - Firu got me this really awesome sketch book with canvas covers. And one from Iva is still on the way! Eep! Can't wait!

Here are my presents: a canvas-cover sketchbook, a bookmark, a postcard and a Fondue set

Wearing something awesome on my birthday was in my autumn bucket list. Check! Ever since last autumn, I've wanted a cape but never found an affordable and adorable one...until I raided Clara's closet last month and it was practically filled with incredibly adorable items. I bought two items, this being the first one. It is so cute and cozy, though not really suitable for a windy or snowy day, I reckon. But it's definitely perfect for a sunny, autumn day - which on the day this outfit was snapped, it was. And I've decided to feel good on my birthday, wearing my absolute favourite dress, despite the fact that it isn't in an autumn colour. But the cut is very comfortable, it accentuates my figure in a subtle and classy way, leaving a feminine and casual impression for onlookers. Not to put a damper on things, but birthday is the biggest downer of the year. Every year I wonder how many people would remember my birthday and end up getting disappointed by the small amount. But it's still my favourite day of the year. I mean, I feel a little wiser every year. By the way, below is the way Clara styled it herself. Her blog just recently got a new domain so it's impossible to track the exact outfit post right now but go check out her blog for more adorable clothes.

Claradevi of Lucedale

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