Wednesday, 23 October 2013

21 Before 22

I was a little early on writing a 21 before 22 list this year. I'm so glad I'm not married yet - though if I were proposed, it would also be incredible - because now I get to do these 21 exciting things for the next year. I'm focusing a lot on art and experience this year. By the way, I was inspired by Bianca of Goodnight Little Spoon to write this list prettily on a piece of paper. It is so much more inspiring when written in various colours and styles, now pinned on my pinboard to inspire me everyday. Hopefully, I can complete them this year!

1. Be more active on deviantART again

If you've clicked pretty much all the buttons I put on the homepage of my blog or knew about me from deviantART or Tumblr, you'd know that I have a deviantART account. It's been around since 2006 but I haven't been all that active for a while. I've been adding new stuff into the gallery recently. I feel really inspired by everyone there and want to go back to such an inspiring and friendly community. You can click the button on the left sidebar (or the link above) to see my gallery.

2. Swim in the summer

Since I came to Germany nearly three years ago, it's so weird why I've never gone swimming in summer. Heck, the only time I went swimming was winter of 2011 with Iva. Someone told me of this awesome natural water where people can safely swim for free. Man, I've never swam in open waters before so I plan to do that next summer. Well, it doesn't have to be open water so long as I get to swim in the summer.

3. Go skating (at least once)

I've never gone skating, not even once. Firu and I were going to go skating when we got our visas and suddenly had no time for anything other than buying supplies for Germany and farewell parties with our friends. I'm determined to try skating this year.

4. Draw a one-shot comic and post it on Smackjeeves

Ever since I was little, I've been a huge fan of one-shot mangas, especially the shoujo genre. Trust me, the shoujo genre of the '80s and early '90s is better than now. Anyhoo, I've posted something on Smackjeeves (which you can see here) before but it's over before it started. This is just to keep it light at first. Man, I haven't drawn comics for a while.

5. Finish at least one book a month

Yep! If you guys have any recommendations, don't hesitate to comment below.

6. Explore Indonesia

How sad is it that I've traveled to a total of 6 different countries and not even the whole of my own? Out of the five major islands of Indonesia, I've only been in one (Java) and two small islands (Bali and Madura). I've never even been to Borneo or Lake Toba or even the highlight places in Java. I'd really love to at least visit Firu's parents' hometown.

7. Watch all Ghibli movies

Yes, a fellow huge Ghibli fan here. There are two new movies on cinema this year and I'm so intrigued to watch it. Also the old ones I haven't watched yet. They always warm my heart.

8. Visit Schwarzwald

Schwarzwald a.k.a. The Black Forest is Germany's greatest forest. It's located on the south of Germany, near Baden-W├╝rttemberg and Bavaria. I've seen beautiful pictures of the nature and been absolutely entranced.

9. Write a story

I love writing stories. Enough said.

10. Go on a double date

This has been a dream of mine since Firu and I first started going out. Especially now that my sister and my best friend Gina have boyfriends. We're all so excited to have double dates with one another. Fingers crossed!

11. Go to a Japanese convention

Firu and I have been wanting to go to this for two years. Kassel has this awesome (and apparently big) Japanese convention called Connichi, which I've wanted to visit since 2012 but I missed it last year and earlier last month. Also, there's always awesome Japanese events going on in NRW, which is where Firu lives. At least I hope we'd get to go to another Japantag so I'd get to wear my brand new yukata. Woohoo!

12. Learn something new

Learning something new is always interesting and I'm not going to stop now.

13. Practice sport/work out every week

I seriously need to get into shape. Getting closer to the big 3 0, I should be more conscious about my own health. I can't get used to an easy life of youth...though I am still young, mind you.

14. Discover "new" musicians

Constant change is definitely good for my life. Plus, you can never run out of amazing "new" musicians.

15. Get a job! (seriously)

Every year I see I'm getting a job but I only ever worked twice. But I really need to get some income other than my parents' money. Seriously, I need to get one step closer to an independent life.

16. Be less neurotic about clothes

Also self-explanatory.

17. Design a dress for my sis

Designing dresses have been something I do to kill time lately. And my sister wanted me to design something for her. So yeah.

18. Be less dependent on Firu

I don't ever want to be one of those co-dependent girlfriend.

19. Open an Etsy shop

My Etsy shop is actually already set up but I need a credit card for the fee. Before this can happen, I think I need an income - which brings us back to no. 15. I'm so excited for this to happen.

20. Write a song

Nope, not a professional (or even talented) songwriter here. But in the past 21 years of my life, I've made a total of two songs - one I've amateurly recorded. It's also been one of those things I do to kill time - or more like something I do in the shower. It's really fun, though.

21. Get together with old friends

Doesn't even have to be really old friends, like from grade school or something - though I did get together with one on my birthday. Just friends I haven't seen a while or haven't hung out with in what feels like forever. Catching up on things we haven't talked about in ages. Also one of the ways to shake off the bored feeling of hanging out with the same people over and over.

There you go. Do you guys have any goals? Share some! 

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