Sunday, 13 October 2013

The '60s in Japan

It seems I'm in Düsseldorf again. This city is luring me in again and again, what with its abundant Japanese goods and people. Iva also loves this city! It'd be very nice if we both could move there. Of course we had to eat some delicious ramen while we were there, followed with some tasty iced matcha latte and Japanese cakes. Everything was so delicious and, split in five, the costs don't seem too daunting anymore. Haha. Recently I just watched Norwegian Wood, which is adapted from a novel written by Haruki Murakami. It was very dark and cold, set in the '60s and lined with demonstrations and protests against Vietnam War. Though the story has no connection to the popular political views of the time, these little details give the viewers - as well as the readers - a glimpse of life in Japan back then. Of all the vintage photos that I've seen rotating the interweb, have I never actually seen one from Japan. Needless to say, the outfits everyone wore in the film were much to my liking. I love how subtly fashionable and classy the ladies look - you know, in comparison to today's girls who show off their skin every chance they get. Oh, how I'd love to see Japan in the '60s.

Vintage shirt (via Capricious Traveler) + skirt (flea market) + loafers (thrifted) + purse (found in basement) // photos of me by Iva + Firu

The first reaction that I got after putting together this outfit was from Wilson as he said, "You look like a grade school teacher." And to that, I say thank you, because I was going for preppy - be it a student or a teacher, what does it matter. But as I looked through these photos, I realised how true that was. Standing next to Iva (who is so tiny) definitely helps my case. This outfit was actually inspired by the character Midori in the aforementioned film. Her style is really preppy and classical. I love it! By accident, I put on a head-to-toe vintage outfit. The skirt was the most new-to-me one as I had just acquired it last month from a flea market. It was sold by a couple Korean students. Though, as usual, it's actually way too small for my waist, I really love the feel of it and its pattern. Definitely preppy. 

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