Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October, Baby!

Can't believe it's October already. Summer definitely flew by without a sound. September was no different. October means back to school for me - well, uni but you know what I mean-, birthday and Halloween. October is the peak of autumn and I'm excited to see heaps of leaves turn to red and yellow. The town will be so pretty. I've got plenty of stuff planned for October. Hopefully not too much as I do still have to hit the books now and then. For starters, I'm going to Firu's in two days to meet up with some of my good friends. Plus, we plan on hitting Venlo once they're there. I can't wait. So I'll be gone until Sunday - no effect on the blog, of course. I want to visit an Oktoberfest somewhere this year - Munich would probably be best, but I'm good with settling for second best. Maybe it's finally time to flaunt my dirndl. It's going to be so great. I knitted two scarves this past week, one is for Firu, one is for me. They will be on the blog soon so stay tuned!

Batik dress (bought in an exhibition) // AKO jacket // H&M tights // thrifted boots via Kleider Kreisel // photos by Galuh

This outfit is less autumn vomit than the last one. It was an attempt. I actually wanted to pair this with a magenta cardigan but it was too thick for now. So I grabbed my go-to jacket for late summer/early autumn chill. It's perfect for a little chill and it goes with pretty much anything. And how come I always wear this dress in the colder months? It's lightweight and was made in Indonesia so it's actually more summer-appropriate. But the colour is just so perfect for autumn! I love pairing it with mustard tights and tall boots. The structure is also beautiful. It inspired the dress I had tailor-made. Sometime I'd love to wear it as a top or a skirt. Maybe some other time. I'm still hyper from the coming of autumn. I should probably tone down the autumn-vomit look on a daily basis. You know, save it for outfit posts and golden leaves instead. Maybe as the days grow colder, I get more autumn-vomit looks than now. Patience, patience.

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