Friday, 11 October 2013

Sartorial Obsession: Wide Brimmed Hat

While winter is the typical season for beanies and summer for big floppy beach hats, autumn is the perfect season for wide-brimmed hats, ideally made out of felt. I've been not-so-secretly drooling over Bonnie's immaculate style with her various hats - usually felt hats in autumn and winter and boater hats in the summer. And I've been so eager to try styling some wide-brimmed hats myself. I believe they give an outfit a classy/urban look. It's like that cherry on top of a marvellous ensemble. It gives you a down-to-earth or homey feel. The other day, I spotted this one on H&M and tried it on. I instantly fell in love with the structure though not so much the colour. If only it were in burgundy or camel or oxblood, I would probably have snatched it right then. I'll try to hit some thrift stores down here and see if they have any cute wide-brimmed hats I can purchase. You know, before autumn's over and everything. Do you guys have any wide-brimmed hats for autumn? I'd love to see some styling of those.

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