Thursday, 17 October 2013

Burgundy Overload

These days it is physically impossible to walk around town without stumbling upon changed leaves at least once. And, boy, it makes my heart flutter! I mean, look at all these beautiful golden leaves. How can you not be happy? Anyhoo, today is my first class of the semester and I am just so excited. Geeky, I know, but I feel like this semester is going to be a good one. The colder part of year is the perfect time to just stay home or go to the library and hit the books. I've gotten hold of my surroundings now and I'm pretty thrilled to see new faces among the crowds. This weekend is my birthday weekend and Firu's coming over tomorrow so I just can't wait. It's going to be a great one. Well, I hope. We're going to get together with some friends on Saturday and have fun. I'm a bit nervous, actually. I'm not known for my ability to hold an incredible party. Thankfully, Firu's a wizard with awkward conversations and can turn a horrible situation upside down.

Theory X dress (worn as top) // 1982 blazer // C&A pants // DIY infinity scarf // Deichmann boots // vintage hat + purse // photos of me by Galuh

Whoever came up with hats and scarves is a genius! Being a low maintenance girl, my hair has this natural flow of not looking awesome. You can see my hair and know that I'm not styling it at all. But with the help of a scarf and hat (when necessary), it magically becomes, well, presentable. Haha. I've always loved the way Japanese girls with long hair wear their scarves around their hair. They look so cute and cozy! And this year I'm one step closer to wearing scarves with long hair. Yaay! Please pardon my burgundy outburst in this outfit. Is that the 'in' colour this season? It's been floating around the interweb, I stumbled upon it so many times. It seems the only not-yet-worn clothing pieces which echo autumn that I own are only in the colour of burgundy. Oops, guess I've worn all my best autumn vomit look too early in the season. So please bear with me and more burgundy outbursts for at least the remaining of autumn.

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