Monday, 7 October 2013

To Infinity and Beyond

Last summer, I had a plan to knit some scarves for myself and Firu. I started as summer was nearing its end and procrastinated quite a lot to get the scarves done. In actuality, a ball of yarn took me only 1-2 days to finish - without procrastination, of course. But last week, they were finally finished. Just in time for the cold weather, I suppose. Please do head on to Park & Cube for the tutorial. It was very helpful for me. Granted, I already learnt how to knit last year - though failed miserably upon knitting a scarf for Firu - but Shini did provide links to learn how to knit a scarf from scratch for beginners. So her tutorial should be quite helpful even if you haven't tried your hand on knitting before. She only provides her readers with the basics so you have plenty of room for modification - which is what I did.

This is my scarf. It has to be in the colour of autumn, obviously. I used one type of wool only, Rigato wool - I don't know if that's the brand or if it's the type -, which consists of 53% virgin wool and 47% acrylic fibre. Just so you know, I'm just throwing this out there. I have no idea what kind of effect they have to the scarf. For this scarf, I used up 270m of wool - which took 3 balls of yarn. Since I have no idea about any of the stitches, I just decided to try three different patterns. One is when I vary between knit and purl every three lines, two is when I vary every two lines and the third one is when I vary every line. This scarf is significantly thinner than Firu's but it's perfect for autumn. I bound the ends together by stitching it together with a tapestry needle, which is the traditional way of finishing it off.

Photos of me by Galuh

I must say, there's this amazing rush of accomplishment when I can finally wear a scarf I made myself. Sure, you can always walk into a clothing store, pick a scarf which you like best and purchase it. But it's definitely less satisfying - and to your liking - than if you knit a scarf yourself. You can always turn it into whatever you want, use a colour that you love best - and rarely find in stores - and in whichever style you love best. Let me tell you, it's seriously awesome sauce! And, yes, this is me encouraging you guys to try something new, like knitting - if you haven't already.

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