Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Familiar Friends and Comfort Clothes

Since last Thursday was Germany's Re-union Day, Firu and I got together with a couple good friends of ours, Iva and Wilson. We all slept over at Firu's for the weekend. On Friday we headed over to Venlo, Holland. Last year Firu and I went there on my birthday and it was magical. I love the town! Though small, it's very sweet and beautiful. Is this to be our annual autumn tradition, hopping into a train and taking a trip there? My, I wouldn't mind that one bit. It was Iva's and Wilson's first time there and, as per usual, we went straight to Toko Indradjaja, grabbed some tasty snacks for back home and had lunch. The food was delicious and we met very nice and friendly people there! Venlo in autumn looks so magical and in keeping with the theme, what with brick houses lining the streets left and right and falling leaves lining the pavements. Iva also loved the ambience of the whole town, the architecture and everything. We both wanted to move there, if at all possible. We spent the rest of the day just roaming around town, looking at all the shops and stalls. I even bought some tasty macaroons from Lamers Banketbakerij. All in all, everything was in good fun.

DIY infinity scarf // Brave Soul sweater via TK Maxx // vintage purse + loafers // photos of me by Firu + Iva

If you're following me on instagram, you might have seen this sweater. It's been my comfort clothes for the past two weeks or so. It's been so cozy and incredibly comfortable. I found it by accident on TK Maxx and it resembles a cardigan of Firu's that he wanted me to give it to him. But how can I give this baby up? The answer is no way. I love how the colour matches the autumn theme immensely. There's a flaw to this number, though. It has actually not been cold enough on this day that I had to pull out this sweater. But I was determined to have its pictures taken and show you how beautiful this piece is. Can you see just how I fell in love with it? I love the pictures Iva took of me standing on the pile of fallen leaves. How autumn is that! They weren't taken in Venlo, though, actually. After we left Holland, we went to Essen - specifically Villa Hügel - because I've been dying to know what was there. There's this grand and amazing mansion/villa belonging to the Krupp family of ThyssenKrupp. It wasn't much and we didn't have time to venture the garden - which explains our disappointment. But the parts we did see was undeniably marvellous.

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