Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Golden Grand Finale

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”  Lauren DeStefanoWither

I absolutely cannot get enough of autumn yet. My heart is lifted whenever I see heaps of golden and orange leaves, scattered all over the ground, transforming even the most mundane of neighbourhoods into the most beautiful place on earth. My mouth wouldn't stop gaping at the various shades of my favourite colour washing over the town. They say autumn is the second spring, where all the leaves are flowers. Well, I believe spring cannot beat the beauty of autumn. Not by a long shot. I'm a bit sad that October is over, which means we're getting closer to winter - which I hope will never have to come. Seriously, spring was almost non-existent, summer flew by and autumn is nearing its end. Suddenly, it's winter again. It's almost like she never left. On another one, I've been reading a lot lately - since I just switched my minor to English and American Studies - and already down to the last book that my sister sent me: The Australian Short Story. It's been so refreshing to read a series of short stories as opposed to novels. But I've already got my eye set on several novels.

Thrifted shirt via lucedale vintage// Marks & Spencer sweater (gifted) // hand-me-down batik dress // Falke tights // vintage hat + penny loafers

Second purchase from Clara: this yellow shirt! Last month, as I was flipping through her instagram, I contacted her and asked if she had anything yellow (which is what I was looking for seeing as it is autumn) and she directed me towards this shirt. It's very, very sheer and I'm usually not one for sheer tops but I always know how to work a piece if the cut is at least to my liking. So here it is under my favourite sweater which my Grandma got me last year. I actually wore these boots with this outfit before and even took pictures of it but just later - after I wrote the whole post and everything - realising that it wasn't much to my liking. So I switched to the loafers. Thank God it's still warm enough to wear them out, God knows I can't wear them anymore once snow starts falling. As is the case with the cape, the original post of this shirt is also impossible to track on Clara's blog at the moment but here is how she styled it before.

Clara of Lucedale

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