Sunday, 10 November 2013

Kitty Kitty Bang Bang!

Now that November has hit, autumn has become stripped off its golden leaves and sunny weather. You're lucky to see the sun in your wake at all. This past week, at least, there has been nothing but clouds all day. Sometimes it comes with the occasional wind and drizzle of rain. It was mighty hard to try and find the perfect time and place to take photos. This is the part that I hate, next comes winter. Seriously, didn't we just have that yesterday? Man... Next week there's a Kasseler Dokfest, a documentary film festival in Kassel. Saku-chan, Arnaud and I have been eyeing some films we might want to see together. Local events keep a busy student sane, am I right? Something else to keep you sane? An adorable hat like this one! Cats on clothes, yes, it's been such a huge boom lately. Truth be told, I'm in no respect a fan of cats, much less a fan of cat on clothes. But this hat got me hooked! Though, I see teddy bear ears on this hat rather than a set of cat ears. As per usual, I've been eyeing this hat since September but vowed to myself I wasn't going to purchase anything in October and, as November slid in, I quickly went to grab this hat. It was still there! I took it as a sign that this was meant to be. In conclusion, it's official: I am now a dorky blogger.

H&M dress // Primark top (under the dress) // C&A hat + cardigan // DIY scarf // thrifted chelsea boots

Another thing that was recently added to my wardrobe are the boots. It's more on the necessity scale of things. You see, my trusty chelsea boots just broke. After more than a year of service to me, it finally retired - though such a shame it only lasts that long. A pair of chelsea boots should be replaced with chelsea boots as well. They're my favourite type of boots. Very comfortable and this pair should be an adequate replacement to my old trusty ones. Actually, though, as I was at the thrift store, there was another darlingly marvellous boots that I had my eye on. They were ankle boots with chunky heels - one of those things which have been hanging around my mental wishlist. But limited budget is limited. I can't promise I'm not going back to snatch them anyway, though. This was the outfit I wore all week for my first presentation of the semester. It's hard evidence that you can add collars to any kind of dress to make it look preppy. Sorry, it turns out I was allowed one more coatless outfit - if this will truly be the last. But I'm not seeing a bright future anytime soon so tune in!

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