Monday, 18 November 2013

A Tree on Someone Else's Yard

Sometimes people don't realise the amount of commitment blogging entails, especially if you have a nine-to-five job or are studying full-time. I can see my friends jeering at me now - especially those studying in Indonesia. My student life is quite breezy compared to most students but I still go to classes, hold presentations and write papers. In addition, I'm making a portfolio this semester and getting a job to get some income flowing! But, honestly, the most difficult part is taking outfit pictures - as Daria mentioned recently. Just like her, I don't like having people stare at me while I'm taking outfit shots. It's better when I'm with friends. But sometimes some places are so stunning that I almost don't care it's out in the open, like this tree for instance. It's in someone else's lawn by the side of the street. I thought it was très beautiful and I decided to make it my backdrop. It's a solid evidence that the colours of autumn aren't ready to fade away yet. On a side note, I'm joining NaNoWriMo this year (almost 6000 words so far!). I'd like to publish this story if I ever get it done. Wish me luck!

Primark blouse via Kleider Kreisel // Esprit lace dress + legging // Pieces scarf // Yumi coat c/o my sister // thrifted boots

Last year my sister and I swapped clothes. She lived in Australia so she needed summer clothes while I needed winter clothes. Now that she's back in Jakarta, she told me that I could keep her coat: this adorable coat from Yumi! I didn't know about that brand until she sent me this coat. But later on I looked it up and learned to love it. Plus, it's a pretty ethical brand. In fact, it was one of the brands a local clothing store Fingerz is supporting. Fingerz is a local shop here in Kassel, where only Fairtrade or ethical clothes are sold. Uttam Nepal, the owner of Yumi, comes from Nepal and knows what a major impact a European invested brand can have to the local markets. They source their products ethically from India and China, where they also have local offices that are frequently visited by their staff. Not only is their work ethics quite fair, their products are so drool-worthy. I'm eyeing this number right now, if only it comes in my size.

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