Thursday, 14 November 2013

Let's Pull Out the Big Guns!

"They say, they don't want to get a job at wherever because they think it's below them. I think the only thing that could be below you is to not have a job." - Ashton Kutcher

Has any of you guys watched this video? Personally, I'm a huge fan of (Chris) Ashton Kutcher. First of all, how hot! He also has this childlike demeanour about him and the way that he dresses and whatever stories that ever float the interweb about him; in everything he is always who he is, never pretentious, always down-to-earth. That video made me fall in love with him over again. What's even better, is what happened when Ellen thanked him for his speech. He actually gave another speech! It's small and I don't know if it'd have the same impact if it wasn't him who said it. But it really inspired me. The concept of working from the bottom and making your way up is the conventional way to success. It's been like that for all eternity. Okay, yes, there are obvious exception to the rule: entrepreneurs who get their success as soon as their stuff booms. But that's not to say that they didn't also work hard for their well-deserved prize. It's good to have standards, to set yourself a bar that you want to overcome. It's definitely different from wanting the easy life, though. Better acknowledge the difference before it's too late and you've run out of chances. I'm talking to myself, by the way, if anything else.

Vero Moda collared dress via Kleider Kreisel // Esprit long-sleeved shirt // C&A coat // H&M tights // thrifted purse + chelsea boots

Now that the days have grown shorter and the winds grew colder, time to pull out the big guns (read: coats)! First coat of the year: my trusty red one (obviously). I thought, Better wear it now before all the autumn colours run out. Aside from the necessary coat, scarf and boots, I've been living in dresses a lot lately, huh? I just noticed this after looking back to my last 3-4 outfit posts - most of which include a dress. Last week, a friend of mine came to my house for a study group. Her second remark upon entering my room - after the obligatory "Your room looks nice!" - was that I owned a lot of dresses. I swear, I thought the amount I have is the normal amount. Guess that's what you get for reading too many fashion/personal style blogs. What can I say? Dresses are fun to mix and match. There's basically three ways you can wear a dress: as a dress, as a top and as a skirt. Versatility with dresses is always a plus point! Plus, give me a break here, I spent a good 10 years without dresses. This is my compensation. Oops, sorry I'm ranting!

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