Friday, 22 November 2013

The Best Part of Believe Is the LIE

Nobody but a blogger understands that a blog is only one dimension of a person's personality, life and feelings. A fact that, for some reason, doesn't seem to come across to non-bloggers - something other bloggers like Elizabeth and Tieka have mentioned before. I'm currently reading Jodi Picoult's (and her daughter Samantha's) YA book "Between the Lines," which tells a story about a character of a fairy tale who has other aspirations apart from his roles in the story and wanted to get out of the book. That whoever he was in the story was only a part of himself as a whole. Funny how his feelings resonate with mine as I'm typing this post. There are countless times when I smile in photos but was actually pretty upset at the moment. Or when I filtered what I type down here to insert just the good stuff. Yes, I'm writing this blog for no one but myself. So it shouldn't matter what I put here? Well, there's high quality content and there's plain ranting. For the latter, I've already got a special place. And here is just for the happy stuff. That doesn't mean I'm always happy just because I post here all the time. It's called dedication.

Atmosphere blazer // thrifted skirt + boots // Primark coat // H&M tights // DIY scarf // vintage purse

Lately, I only wear two outfits per week: my weekday outfit and my weekend outfit. There's no significant difference between them. One just happens to be the outfit I wear on weekdays and the other just happens to be the outfit I wear on the weekend. Otherwise, I just put on a shirt and jeans and I'm ready to go. What? Dressing up can be such a drag sometimes, especially if you've got a lot on your plate already and have to get up early for class. So pretty much all outfits you see here are my day-to-day outfit. On another note, there's a white version of this blouse still available in my store. Check it out - and other adorable items - if you're interested!

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