Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Creature of Habit

“It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.” 

― John Steinbeck, East of Eden

If I could choose, everyday routines would be something I wouldn't stick to. It's far too mundane. Doing the same set of things in a chronological order time and time again? Man, I just feel like an assembly line of a toy factory. Of course, I'm a perfectly mundane person myself in which I would rather stay at home to scratch sketches on papers or to read a significantly good book than conversing with strangers in parties. In other occassions, I am all up for spontaneity and impulsive actions. You know, trying out things you've never done before and going to places you've never been. To me, it's always such an exciting ride - be it a disappointment or an achievement later on. But it's definitely good and comfortable to fall back on your routines and old habits, as adventures aren't things one normally has on a daily basis. The idea of travelling to unknown locations or bold actions can only be so enticing when you know you'd get back to snuggling under a cozy blanket to watch your favourite TV show or cuddling with your loved ones. All this to say that these pictures were taken in a hurry between my only class of the day and a Skype date with my sister, which was rather frustrating since I had to find a location quick and the campus isn't somewhere I'm used to for such uses. But it's nice to stretch your legs and reach new places at times.

DIY infinity scarf // Threadless zombie tee // 1982 varsity jacket // H&M skirt + thigh-high socks // vintage penny loafers

It is rare to find an outfit post of mine to resonate to my current comfort clothes. But this one does. Call me disgusting but I've been wearing this ensemble for almost a whole week. What can I say? When a set of clothes feels like second skin, why would you want to take it off? Especially these socks! With my legs, thigh-high socks tend not to stay in place - or does this happen to everyone? The only pair I had is made out of wool, very thick and warm. But these ones stay in place longer than the previous and go very well with the autumn theme - which I'm still trying to stick with, obviously. Nothing else is new, though. The jacket is still very comfortable and the shirt is still a personal favourite. I mean, zombies in love? What's possibly more romantic than that? Fair warning: this might be the last outfit of the year sans coat. It's gotten pretty chilly over this past couple weeks - maybe you've heard of the terrible storm? - and it's gotten harder and harder to go by without coats. Though I hate to say goodbye to autumn - an inevitable farewell -, I'm excited to share outfits with coats. We'll see what I'll come up with.

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