Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Last Colours of Autumn

Lookie what Iva bought me for my birthday! At least someone stuck to the list. After years of yearning, I finally get the chance to read this book from Tash Aw. I'm so excited to leaf through all the pages. As you've probably guessed, I've read through the last book in a week (and you can read my review here). One of my goals this year was to read a book a month but this month I'm reading two! Huh, what do you know? I might get a little lazy in December so here's to compensate for it. Meanwhile, autumn passes by so quickly. Most trees out here have gone positively bald and the leaves disappear from the ground. I'm surprised to still be able to find heaps of autumn colours like in these photos. But, I'm warning you, these are the last colours of autumn and, before you know it, the snow will start falling and you can't see the leaves anymore. I hate winter - there, I've said it! - but I'm okay with a bit of snow right now. In fact, I'm getting a little bit sentimental about it a couple weeks ago. Just please don't stretch out like you did last time, dear winter! I'm a girl who rises and falls with the sun.

Primark top + coat (old) // Brave Soul sweater via TK Maxx // ONLY skirt // H&M tights // DIY scarf // Golddigga boots via Sportsdirect

Though - according to the calendar - winter's supposed to start nearing the end of December, I can already feel autumn slipping away. So, as a way of saying goodbye (for now), I put together a subtly fall outfit. I'm breaking out the other boots now that winter is slowly taking over. The comfort sweater is, of course, an honorary member of this farewell. Mustard tights, autumn-coloured scarf, what else? Oh yeah, the skirt! Which is very autumn-appropriate but has yet to be worn this season. Yeah, so strange, people kept staring at my boots - which, I admit, is pretty quirky but so what? As the world gets colder, you will be seeing more of these babies. I'm so proud autumn held on. It's such a persistent season. You go, autumn! Don't let winter take over just yet! Tell it to wait for its turn to come (and to stop when spring's turn comes)! I'm not letting go of autumn just yet.

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