Saturday, 30 November 2013

An Hour Before the Year's First Snow

So I positively jinxed myself on my previous outfit post. It snowed earlier this week - only an hour after I snapped these shots - and I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, seriously. November hasn't even ended yet and it practically stormed out. Some people were really excited, though. A girl even snapped a photo of the snow during class and her camera made a sound which made everyone turn. What surprised me was that I felt more excited about the snow than I thought I would be. I'm at least excited about the holidays, though. No, no, not because I celebrate Christmas but mostly because I'll be spending time with Firu after two months of not seeing each other. Oh, man, it feels like yesterday was only the beginning of 2013 and all of a sudden it's almost 2014 already. Man, time sure does fly, huh? This year was filled with change and loads of learning. I feel like I've grown up a lot this year and my eyes are open to new things now. Wait, no, I'll save all this speech for the New Year's maybe. For now, I'm just a tiny bit excited about snow. Plus, there'll be a Clothes Swapping Party in two weeks. Totally super excited about that! This will be my first one. A lot of cool people are coming, people with immaculate sense of style. I'm so looking forward to getting some of their items.

Hand-me-down batik dress (worn as a top) // Primark belt // old skirt // H&M tights // Pieces scarf // thrifted bolero + oxfords

Last week there was a flea market at the Engineering Campus. It's called the M├Ądchenflohmarkt - literally translated as the Ladies' Flea Market. The name seriously reflects the content. The place was packed with girls selling and buying stuff. There was a DJ setting the mood and muscular guys wearing aprons and selling cakes and cookies. It was really nice. I went there with Saku-chan (you can actually see us on the right in the second photo above) and went home with this lovely green bolero and these adorable black-and-white oxfords. Yes, another pair of shoes. Firu would flip out. I've always wanted such beautiful oxfords and I just can't believe how comfortable they are. Too bad they're not appropriate for cold weather. Well, for snowy weather anyway. They're not cold but just real slippery. And with the snow and icy roads, I can't risk slipping on my bum with these shoes on. You can't deny how beautiful they are and I'm so excited to wear them again soon. But for now, it's time for some winter planning.

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