Monday, 2 December 2013

So What's Inside My Bag?

Yeah, um, I've been thinking about doing this for a while now but I didn't want to just photograph my stuff and put the photos up here. So I drew something up. This is what my bag usually looks like. I basically have three kinds of bags: slingback/shoulder bag, backpack and purse. It almost doesn't matter which bag I take - even the purse (which might be different to your idea of a purse, it's not a clutch or anything). So here it is!

  • Novel: Seriously a #1 essential! This is my weapon to fight off boredom. I do prefer carrying around a sketch book but it's a fuss sometimes to have to whip up my sketch book and pencil to draw. With a novel, I just need to open to a certain page and entertainment comes flying out. Plus, I get knowledge out of it - depends on the book but I stay away from chicklits/teenlits. I even read a book when I get too early to class or waiting for the tram. Yes, I'm nerdy, deal with it!
  • Stationery: The most annoying thing that could ever befall you is having all these wild thoughts in your head and nothing to write down with. This happens to me a lot and I hate that. Especially when the idea is golden. You never know when you need to write something down.
  • DSLR camera: Ever since I bought my camera last year, I've loved taking pictures with it. All kinds of things, really. Sometimes when I don't have it with me, I stumble upon something utterly magnificent and regret it. So now I'm taking it everywhere - well, except to classes and on grocery runs. Plus, going around town with my camera can be real therapeutic. 
  • Journal: Coming to Germany made me realise that I needed to get organised. My journal was from Marjolein Bastin and it's filled with adorable illustrations of nature according to the season. I really love it and got another one for next year as well. Her artworks are all nature-inspired and very picturesque. It's always nice to carry around a little beauty like this and I never know when I might stumble upon something interesting to mark on my calendar.
  • Wallet: The wallet I'm using now was given to me by my parents on Valentine's Day when I was in the 4th grade (I think). It's very useful when I take outfit photos because - let's face it! - I don't have a tripod.
  • Water bottle: Before I left for Germany, my Dad forced me to take this water bottle with me. I don't know where he bought it but it was definitely imported from Japan - there are Japanese writings on it. It has definitely attracted attention from everyone - even strangers. Now a lot of Indonesians have it...for some reason. I've forgotten it in two public places before but, somehow, it's still within my possession. Water is very important for someone's diet and I don't take that lightly.
  • Tissue: This comes in handy in cold days/nights because my nose is always runny. Plus, Firu once said, "You don't bring tissues? Aren't you a girl?"
  • Tote Bag: This is in my five go-green tips. Always bring a tote bag! You never know when you suddenly want to go on a grocery run or shopping or in need for a bag. This has saved me more than once.
  • Cellphone: Obviously. I actually have two cellphones: one for internet connection and one for calls or SMS. I usually only bring the previous, though. Firu bought me my phone on eBay but I paid him back, mind you.
  • Earphone: Everyone is always in need for a good music in their idle times. It's always nice to have your own background music when going through mundane activities.
  • Make up bag: Err...yeah, it's not so much a make up bag as a tiny purse. It holds my only lipgloss, a tiny mirror and three lipsticks - sometimes also my second cellphone. I don't wear make up on a daily basis so this is enough for me to keep my lips from dehydrating.
Aside from these everyday essentials, I usually also bring a notebook for class or my latest project (i.e. what I was currently knitting).

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