Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mix It Up a Notch: Yellow Varsity Jacket

Last autumn I was struck with a varsity jacket fever. Well, actually, I was struck by it since spring but never managed to find a jacket that suited me until the autumn. This little number was found on the children's section of 1982. It's been serving me quite well the past several months. It has done its job quite well as a replacement for my beloved navy jacket - which got lost when I moved to Kassel. It's not so thick that I can still wear indoor but also thick enough to suffice as an outer layer sometimes. Plus, yellow is one of my favourite colours and it brings out such a cheery side of me. I understand the trend has died down now but I still love the structure of this jacket. And, seeing as I'm not American, having an authentic varsity jacket is nearly impossible. I'd settle for the next best thing.

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