Friday, 20 December 2013

Japanese Summer in a German Winter

One more day to seeing Firu again! Oh, man, I just cannot wait anymore! You know at the start of this week I could barely concentrate on anything anymore? And I got a presentation the next day so that is not good. However, as of yesterday, I am free as a bird. I'm so filled with excitement that I feel like vomiting all the time. Okay, calm down. Anyhoo, I've been planning a lot of stuff for the next two weeks and the trip there. Also, I need to take care of some stuff here first before I leave. Speaking about taking care of things, there will be some special treats on the blog while I'm gone. If everything goes according to plan, there will be two more posts from me then some awesome bloggers will fill in for me, including my sister. I will be back for a New Year post (obviously) and the guest-posting will continue. It's the first guest-blogging, err...thing that I've ever hosted so I hope you're excited, 'cause I sure am!

Firu's shirt // swapped scarf // vintage tartan skirt + brogues + teacher's bag // H&M tights

On the day I took these photos, the sun shone so beautifully. I looked at the photos and they reminded me of Japanese photographs (especially in the summer). Funny how a series of photos taken in winter could give me summer feels. The weather was rather warm too, I barely needed the (omitted) coat. Such a coincidence, though, that I'm wearing Firu's old shirt on the post right before I go to him. What can I say, it's one of my navy investments. I didn't mention this before, but this skirt was acquired from the flea market around 3 months ago. According to Galuh, who hung around the sellers, it was sold by Koreans and the tags are in Chinese and Japanese. After a bit of researching, it is a Chinese clothing brand, though I fail to locate their website. Exquisite quality, though. Oh, East-Asian fashion brands, how I love thee! The scarf was snatched from last week's swap party. It is rather short but extra cozy. Ombre-patterned, of course. Really been loving it a lot lately.

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