Saturday, 13 December 2014

Fashionable Kimonos by DOUBLE MAISON

What do you think about when you think about kimonos? No, not talking about the hyped up version. The traditional, authentic from Japan kind of kimono. For the most part, they're really thick in culture and traditions. Not only do they use materials which have been used for hundreds of years, the patterns are really true to nature and ethnically appropriate. However, these ones by Double Maison - under the direction of Omori Yuuko - are quite up-to-date, following current trends and using western patterns, such as gingham, novelty prints, and lace - and mixing it up with traditional symbols. At the same time, keeping it simple and not over the top. Not only the kimonos, the accessories are also designed in a way that matches the kimono, using matching materials and colours. I feel like this way kimono will speak to younger generations, making it possible for them to incorporate them in everyday life. It's amazing how well these patterns look on the cut of traditional kimonos. How cool! I guess, my dream of having batik-patterned kimono is moving one step closer to coming true.

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