Monday, 15 December 2014

You CAN Have Too Much of the Internet

Have you ever had those moments when you just get fed up by the internet? As much as the internet is a useful and groundbreaking innovation, sometimes it's just so much noise, even when you're not currently listening or watching anything. You know, when you have the internet in the palm of your hands, a flood of unfiltered contents wash over you - the promise of so many curated websites notwithstanding. And, yeah, the first few minutes you might be excited to discover some new things but, give it time, and you'll be so sick of the amount of crap you don't care about, burying things which might actually intrigue you. Not to mention, it's just where all the haters seem to reside. They are real people but they seem to be more vocal in the cyber world somehow. I guess, when you don't see them, it's so easy to "hate" and be mean to people because you can't see the way your words and actions affect them. Just like Louis C.K. said on Conan, when you have these distant interactions, you fail to develop sympathy and the ability to reflect on yourself. Which is why sometimes the internet could be so sad.

H&M top (thrifted) + overknee socks // C&A cardigan // Tally Weijl ombré skirt // GAP backpack (secondhand) // MKS ankle boots via The Goods Dept.

Whew, sorry to put a damper on things before but, on a cheerier note, I am completely in love with these ankle boots! I first saw MKS Shoes at Pasar Seni ITB 2014 and I instantly fell in love with their brocade boots. Soon afterwards, I looked them up and found out that they were sold at The Goods Dept. so I went to one of their branches and found the black ankle boots ones. It turned out that their sizes ran incredibly small - I'm normally a size 38 but I had to wear the size 40 to fit my feet comfortably in there. The particular branch I went to didn't have that size anymore but another branch did and they reserved a pair for me. The next day, on my father's way to work, we both went to the other branch to pick up the shoes. The other branch had so many more varieties, including these grey ones. Long story short - or longer story still long -, I got these ones instead. They're super comfy and what a wonderful cut. Yep, that's something you didn't need to know.


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