Monday, 29 December 2014

Guest Post: Sophie of Cellar of Dreams


I'm very excited that Bivi asked me to be one of her guest bloggers! My name is Sophie and I run Cellar of Dreams, which is a blog about fashion and sewing. Fashion has always been important to me, even if I haven't always been particularly fashionable (I had a camouflage pants phase). I never really know how to describe my style; I like mixing vintage and modern but I also wear a lot of outfits that fit neither of these categories. I love dresses and knee socks and anything striped, but I'm very open to different styles and pieces.

Today I thought I would share a simple holiday outfit.

I always associate red velvet with the holidays, even if this isn't a very Christmas-themed outfit. I don’t own much velvet although my uncle gave me loads of velvet fabric to work with. I'm always jealous of all of the festive velvet holiday dresses that they make for little girls and I’m tempted to try to replicate them. This is a very uneven looking dress was my first attempt at sewing clothing and I am glad to say I have gotten a little bit better since then. For one thing I now have a sewing machine and I don't painstakingly hand sew each stitch. I can only wear this dress with sweaters over it because the back - and really just the top in general - is pretty messy looking. I think the dress looks okay with the sweater cover-up as long you don't look at the back of the skirt where an unsightly seam lays. Sewing clothing has become something that I greatly enjoy. Often it’s frustrating and tedious but there’s nothing quite like receiving a compliment on an article of clothing and getting to tell that person that you made it yourself. Plus you never run into anyone wearing the same thing as you.

I’ve been trying to get into the Christmas mood with my wardrobe but I don’t own a lot of holiday-themed clothing. I try to limit that kind of stuff in my wardrobe since I like to be able to work my clothing into every season. If I’m ever shopping for a holiday outfit I like to buy red dresses or velvet tops so that I don’t have a lot of clothing that can only be worn during one month of the year. I don’t even own any Christmas sweaters, although my mother has quite a few to spare so I can always raid her closet if I have a desperate need to wear one.

Colorado usually gets a lot of snow by now but it's only snowed maybe two times. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a very not white Christmas. It’s pretty but I’ll take good driving conditions over a winter wonderland any day.

Outfit Details: 
Sweater - Forever 21 
Socks - ebay 
Dress - handmade 
Shoes – Ollio

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope everyone’s holidays are well!

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