Thursday, 11 December 2014

We Could Stay Young Forever

Yep, another wedding. This time I'm not a direct acquaintance to the groom or the bride but the groom's sister. It was my best friend Uli's brother's wedding. She invited me and some of our closest friends and it was a lot of fun. I have to say, it was a lot more fun than the first two weddings I attended this year. I guess, it's mostly thanks to being there with my best friends and seeing a lot of people that I actually know and who know me. Gina and I came together - we actually went to the hairdresser together and everything. This wedding was actually held in the same location as this one but it was so different, both deco- and guests-wise. It wasn't as crowded and the food was so amazing. I'm still lusting over the salmon gratin they served. Uli looked super gorgeous with that Elsa-like getup - I actually half-expected her to do a solo performance. The best part was seeing some of my dearest friends after so long. Although, most people didn't recognise me due to my hairstyle - or was it something else? But it always feels like time goes back to 10 years ago when we're together. As if we never grew up.

Marks & Spencer dress // Fioni shoes via Payless // Don't Ask Amanda purse // wedding souvenir brooch (from this one) // photos of me by Gina

Can't you already tell that these shoes are the only party shoes that I own? They're comfortable enough for the couple hours that we had to stand on our feet. But if it was longer, like on Halloween, I couldn't walk afterwards. That being said, I haven't learnt my lesson and keep wearing this pair to parties. The bright side: they go with everything. Also, this dress used to be my go-to dress for parties. It's my most expensive clothing item. It's super versatile and very minimalistic that it's perfect for every occasion. I actually bought it in, like, XL, I think but I got it taken in because it started to look like a sack hanging over my shoulder. This brooch, though, is beautiful! When I got it from Dendi and Zizi's wedding, I made a mental note to wear it to this one. I don't wear a lot of brooches so I feel like this is the perfect opportunity.

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