Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Fried Coated Mushrooms

Hi, guys! This month there will be a theme going around on the blog. December is cooking month! So from now on, every week, I'm going to introduce a recipe to all of you. As you know, I'm not much of a cook so this is something totally new to me. Some of the recipes might be quite traditional and some of them are just cooking-hacks as opposed to recipes. Either way, I hope you enjoy them!

I love mushrooms! It's one of those essentials I absolutely must have in the kitchen - along with cheese and chilli. There's this memory from my adolescent years when my parents used to take me and my siblings to Outback Steakhouse. Their Bushman'shrooms are the absolute best! This is my and my stepmom's rendition of the recipe. Personally, I prefer this to fried chicken because it's definitely way less in cholesterol and fat. It's actually sort of balanced because mushrooms lessens the blood pressure whereas the oil is a huge source of fat. This recipe goes so well with rice and mashed potatoes, if you'd have it for lunch.

  • 16 champignon mushrooms
  • 1 tbsp. flour
  • 2 tbsp. seasoned flour
(I used the one from Kobe; ingredients: tapioca flour, salt, herbs and spices)
  • 1 egg
  • a bit of water
  • cooking oil (as needed)

  1. Wash all the mushrooms and - if you want - peel off the dirty skin and cut the stem
  2. Crack the egg in a bowl, add a bit of water and beat it until it's all yellow
  3. In a different bowl mix the flour and the seasoned flour together
  4. Cover the mushrooms with the flour mixture then dip them into the beaten egg
  5. Use a fork to move the mushroom around in the egg and make sure it's covered all over
  6. Use the same fork to transport it to the flour mixture and pour flour all over the mushroom before rolling it around and covering it completely with flour
  7. Heat the oil in a pan or a wok
  8. Fry the mushrooms in the oil once it's hot
  9. Remove the mushroom when it's reached a certain golden colour and starts spewing out water
  10. Serve it on a plate and enjoy!
Tips: While covering the mushrooms with flour and egg, make sure your hands are dry at all times. Do not let the mushrooms get too brown, lest it should be soggy when you take it out. Be careful when biting, because it could be hotter on the inside and the water from the mushroom might squirt out. This dish is perfect for snacks or to be had with rice or mashed potatoes. Lass euch schmecken!

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