Friday, 5 December 2014

Call for Guest Bloggers!

Last year, because I was going away for a while, I started a guest-blogging session for the last half of December. I assembled some of the bloggers that I know and love and asked them if they would like to post something on my blog. It really brought people together and I adore having other people on the blog. This year, although I don't see any immediate plans in the future, I would so love to have other people over and blog about things they love and you guys might enjoy. This month I'm looking for five bloggers to take over. The topic is pretty open: starting from outfits, DIY ideas, recipes, travel tips, to adventures. You know, just the kind of things you often see on this blog here. It doesn't have to be Christmasy either - since I don't celebrate Christmas anyway - but snow is very much welcome.

I will accept submissions until Friday, December 12th. You don't need to know what you're going to post about first, it's fine. Just give me the idea and let me know that you're interested. Afterwards, we will talk about the process and proof-read your posts - if it needs proof-reading at all. I accept posts in English, German and Indonesian - although English is very much preferred. Please include link to your blog! You can email me your ideas/submission and other inquiries to Looking forward to your submissions and I hope we can all become friends from this! ;)

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