Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Like Father, Like Daughter

Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

Guess what? Another special guest makes an appearance (well, actually two, if you see the photo below) and I've been talking about him a lot on this blog for a while but he was never here in person. Although I'm pretty sure he doesn't even know I'm posting this on my blog. Oops! Well, I'm sure he won't mind. In case it hasn't dawned on you, it's my dad! We have this shirt that we bought together and I just can't resist the need to take photos with him while we're both wearing it. Yep, I know I'm pretty cheesy. It's one of my favourite past times to have the same shirts as my dad. It started out purely coincidental, you know. My dad's old company used to host tons of family fun days and they give out matching shirts for the whole family. But, in the end, the only ones keeping with the tradition of wearing matchy-matchy shirts are Dad and I. My overweight body helped, because it was difficult to find things that fit me and a t-shirt is always the safest bet. Now, although no longer quite overweight, I still brighten up to the idea of wearing matching shirts with my dad.

Taman Safari Indonesia t-shirt // Vibrantcache skirt (Sis's) // C&A kitty hat // thrifted sandals // Jane Shilton bag // photos by Akita + Maftukhah

Let me talk about my dad for a bit. Growing up, we've always had a unique relationship. First, my sister and I banned him from entering our rooms, still with the adorable mindset of "boys are gross" and "they're the enemy." Later on, he was the figure who forced me to learn math everyday because I seriously sucked at it. He saw to it that I mastered everything that I had to learn. One day, I became the only student in class who could answer a difficult math problem - although, even back then, I didn't think it was a head-scratcher. He's the father who banned me from reading Indonesian comic books so that I would excel in English. Otherwise, you guys wouldn't be able to read this blog without Google Translate. He's the one who's always believed in me and never stopped teaching me. You better believe me when I say: I love him with all my heart.

P.S: If you guys are interested in my dad's outfit details, let me know

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