Sunday, 7 December 2014

Some Changes Are Meant to Last Forever

♪ Everything Changes - Sheila Brody ♫

Did you ever have that experience when you went from grade school to middle school and you had to say goodbye to some of your friends because you were changing schools? I remember feeling at the time, "Oh, we'll meet again in high school!" But we didn't. We all grew apart in middle school and - guess what - that's okay! Sometimes changes feel like that. You leave a place and you think, "One day, I'll be back." But it turns out you never are. Then, say, five years later you realise you never went back and you don't regret it. Changes are hard, it's a given. Not anticipated or even welcome changes, for the most part. Changes that come as blessings in disguise are often difficult to ease into. And, because it is, you need to feel like the changes are temporary, that you will somehow go back to 'the way things were,' which is pointless wistful thinking because nothing ever stays the same and you know it. Sometimes the best thing to do is embrace the change. Before you know it, time would have passed and you'd realise that that change becomes a permanent part of your life, which did not invite regrets.

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If you're going through a life-changing - but not welcome - experience right now, let me just tell you that I understand what you're going through. Sometimes we feel like our life is going down one path when it's actually going to be u-turned to another path. Sometimes we feel like, as we get older, life will become clearer to us, that we would finally know for sure what we're supposed to do. But what do we know? When I was 14, I never thought my life would turn into what it is now. Eight years later, I still don't know what tomorrow will look like. That always humbles you, makes you realise how little you are and there's a far greater force in the universe. And this force knows all, while you waste your whole life trying to figure it out. That being said, your life isn't a waste. Because, as is with most things, the destination matters not, unlike the journey.

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