Monday, 20 October 2014

Zizi + Dendi's Wedding Reception

B's wearing: Lustre dress via TK Maxx // Sis's cardigan // Rubi purse // Fioni shoes via Payless

Last weekend was my friends Zizi and Dendi's wedding. You might have heard of them from this post. This was the first friends' wedding that I've ever attended. Up to this day, weddings I've gone to have always been of family or my parents' acquaintances. It's so exciting to have married friends. I feel really grown up right now. Then again, a couple of my friends who also attended the wedding are married. No surprise there. The wedding was really lovely and huge! I realise most of the weddings I've ever attended were huge and festive and it never bothered me until now. The price of growing up, I guess, you start to realise how much things actually cost. It was all good fun and I was so glad to see my friends from Germany again. Too bad, Zizi and Dendi were so busy attending to the other guests that I could barely see them. I hope Zizi's reading this - because she always does and thank you for that - because I'd like to offer my congratulations once more. Today I'm attending yet another wedding, my cousin's this time. Free food on my birthday? Don't mind if I do!

Q's wearing: Princess Patterns maxi dress // Forever 21 jewelry // Stepmom's purse // Bourne shoes

Since I came back home, I'd been on the look out for the perfect pair of brogues. I left mine in Germany, due to the weight limit of Firu's and my luggages. The other day, when I was looking through Payless, due to the ever growing curiosity, I found this shiny pair for 50% off! Their original price was around 300,000 rupiahs - around US$30, I think - and that in itself is already a good price. A bargain or what? And here I thought thrifting in Jakarta - or more like South Tangerang - would be quite a challenge. Of course, the reception was just an excuse so I could actually purchase this pair. They're the comfiest brogues I've ever owned, despite being high-heels. Honestly, I do not regret that purchase at all! I just hope it looks awesome with my dress for today so I can wear it to another wedding.

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