Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Do You Know the Pumpkin Girl?

Surprise, surprise! I can play the piano! It's not just a backdrop, mind you. If you must know, I've been playing since I was probably 8. My sister does too and my brother was in on it a bit too. None of us ever performed in public though, be it in a concert or a concour. We just never really take interest in music enough to turn it into something. We used to have the sweetest and kindest piano teacher, who never stopped smiling and being patient with me despite my spoiled-brat attitude. Miss Retno, if you happen to be reading, hello! I wasn't really interested in classical music so it easily bored me. So instead, she brought us songs we requested, such as "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa  Carlton or Disney songs or traditional/children songs. Though I've forgotten how to play most of the songs she taught us, there is one tune that I will never forget how to play. It's called "Sea Mist." I believe it was composed by James Bastien and it's the only song I can play almost without fault off the top of my head. It always makes me feel so calm and mellow. Lately, I've been trying to learn "Yin no Piano" from Darker than Black. Such a melancholic tune~

Asos dress + ... shirt + CĂ©line bag (Sis's) // gifted beret (from Japan!) // Fioni shoes via Payless

Halloween is near! I'm hoping to attend Moola Mantra then, in which my best friend Gina is involved. Though I'm still unsure of the costume. This outfit really reminds me of Halloween. I guess a pair of skeleton tights are the only detail missing. This wasn't the first time I was going to borrow this dress of my sister's. Before, though, I was quite hesitant since, as an Asian woman, my skin has this yellow streak, which means wearing an orange dress makes me look rather flushed. But with this black shirt underneath, I'm not too afraid to finally rock this skater dress. The cut is absolutely my favourite, except maybe the low neckline and back, which makes it more suited as a pinafore than a dress on its own. At first, I was going to put on a pair of orange tights as well but then I felt it was pushing it a little, so black it is. I've been waiting for the right time to wear these shoes on the blog again, if you can't already tell. Current favourite, indeed! Also, for some reason, the hat is a real head-turner. Maybe because it slowly made its way to one side of my head, leaving it looking quite lopsided. Or it was more thanks to my giant-pumpkin look ;)

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Outtake bonus: my sister trying to photobomb me and me freaking out

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