Saturday, 18 October 2014

Sartorial Obsession: Yellow Dress

Micaela // Daria // Tieka // Alexandra // Elizabeth

Every time autumn hits, this is the item I yearn for. Despite having over 20 dresses in my wardrobe, none of them is in yellow. It's strange since yellow is one of my top 5 favourite colours. It's right there with orange and red - yes, I realise they're all autumn colours. In the yellow family, mustard being the number one choice. That's the reason why as soon as H&M launched their mustard tights, I did not hesitate to purchase one. But in the form of a dress, mustard or other yellow shades is much more convincing. The perfect colour to blend with nature. I'm quite shocked to find I don't own many yellow clothing pieces. And, for some reason, so many clothing brands choose to go with the safe and classic black-and-white so finding a yellow dress - let alone the perfect one - is quite a challenge.

Primark // Dear Creatures // Tealace

When one of my favourite YouTubers Zoella did a Primark haul on her channel a while back, I was completely smitten by this polkadot dress. I went scouring the internet for a used one - and almost had it but I hesitated in buying and ended up purchasing none. Though it was for sale in the summer, the material and thickness seem more suited for warmer weather. The collar is adorned with little faux pearls, which I didn't recognise before and now I'm glad I didn't buy it. I can't deny the style is top notch, though. The one from Dear Creatures undoubtedly caught my heart. To be honest, the navy version looks ten thousand times more to my liking. But, alas, the price was way more than what I can afford. The sailor style has always been my favourite. The third dress - though way too bright for my taste - has such a unique cut that it made it to one of my favourites. It's sold out now, go figure.

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