Friday, 24 October 2014

Everything Will Be All Right If You Keep Me Next to You

"We're happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way. It's miserable and magical." - Taylor Swift, 22

If you can't already tell from the cliché title, I just turned 22 last Monday! Funny, I thought I would feel old and crippled. Instead, I had a blast! Big parties where I invite people I don't even like are so last decade. Eating street food with my family is the way to go now. That being said, I attended my cousin Armand's wedding on my birthday. The whole family - excluding my brother who still has school - flew out to Semarang on Sunday and drove together with the cousins' families to Kudus to the family of the bride. I fell in love with Kudus the moment I arrived and promised to come again soon. Culinary adventures were mandatory, obviously. You can catch them on my instagram feed. All this food, yum! There were some that I was familiar with and some I'd never tried before, all of which is a treat for my tongue. Right after the wedding, we went straight to Semarang and continued the celebration with my stepbrother. We watched lanterns float to the sky from the Tahu Gimbal vendor, a celebration from the citizens of Semarang for our new president, Jokowi. Did I not mention that his "coronation" was also on this day? We topped off the night by going to Toko Oen, an old ice cream parlour in Semarang, which I will be featuring in my next post.

Stepmom's pearl necklace + purse // Forever21 earrings (Sis's) // Tailor-made dress // Hand-me-down sandals

This might be a little confusing to some of you so I'm going to explain a few things. First things first, this hairstyle is a traditional Javanese hairstyle turned modern. It's called sanggul, which is basically the art of folding a woman's hair into itself to create a voluminous and floral-like look. It is similar to the way a geisha wears her hair. The hairstylist used extensions for the left part of my head but the little bun on the lower right is my actual hair. Secondly, in most Javanese weddings, the family - including first cousins - is given a uniform to wear. In the modern world, the female cousins are usually only given the materials to be made in any style they see fit. This is why you see my cousins and I wearing similar things in different cuts. My dress was inspired by my Stepmom's long dress, with the neckline from my sister's dress. Lastly, this wedding was less grand than my friends' wedding and it was set in the day. But I must say, I enjoyed this wedding better. Maybe when I get married, it will be as intimate as this.

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