Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sister's Sister: Short Overalls + Specs

B's wearing: Urban Outfitters boater hat // ASOS pinafore // Triset top // Marks & Spencer tights // Cotton On boots (A's) // photos by Akita

When we were little, we used to love our overalls. Ours had Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh embroidered on the breast pocket. We wore them together time and time again. As you might know from this post, we loved (and still do) being twinnies. Of course, that was over 12 years ago back when overalls were first a trend. We even wore them constantly on our first trip to Bali with our Mom. Sadly, those overalls won't be able to accommodate our bodies anymore. Thankfully, overalls are back in stores and we can grab as many as we want. There are even shorter and skirt versions now, such as the ones we're wearing here. Both these overalls are mine, though. I completed my look with my favourite boater hat to establish a summery look and we traded shoes. Maybe our look represents transition, my sister being Summer and I play Autumn. It also represents the season we were born in, though, so it's perfect!

A's wearing: Pimkie dungaree (B's) // Bali ripped shirt // Kmart socks // All Star by Converse (B's) // photos by me

Other than the overalls, we're wearing one more matching item: glasses! For the longest time, I was the only child in the family who had to wear prescription specs. The trip to Bali I mentioned above was the last chance for me not to wear glasses. When third grade kicked in, I started wearing glasses. My sister started wearing one, I think, during college. Plus, her prescription isn't as big as mine just yet. My brother started wearing glasses around the end of middle school. His prescription is larger than that of my sister but definitely nowhere near mine yet. None of them wears glasses on a daily basis. My sister usually only wears them to watch movies or read or other activities. My brother is in denial and refuses to wear them even when he needs them. I'm the only one with a constant need for glasses. I'd feel lost without them. So does my Dad.

P.S: Avocado popsicles = best invention!

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